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  • Holistic Medicine
    Keith and Liz Ferris, registered medical practitioners of alternative medicine have been in practice in Bristol, UK ever since the year 1982. Leading experts in acupuncture, food intolerance testing, nutritional medicine, shiatsu, nst and bowen technique, liz and Keith Ferris minister to lots of problems from depression, to anxiety, back and joint pain, digestive conditions, insomnia, menstrual and fertility problems, chronic fatigue and much more.

  • Signs of Skin Cancer and Skin Cancer Symptoms No More with Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17
    If you detect symptoms of colon cancer or symptoms of mouth cancer, read on because it may save you and your loved ones! Signs of Skin Cancer are rising, inflicting those who are disease-free with fatal cancer. Modern medicine's drugs are losing a a battle each and every day with many different types of cancer. Do not be a statistic and search for information about vitamin b17 and apricot seeds, even from the last phase.