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Learning Self Hypnosis - Tutorial

Self Hypnosis is just as the term suggests - something that you can learn and practice "Yourself" in the privacy and comfort of your own home. However aquiring some guidance and information of how best to go about learning this powerful healing art is advisable and this short article may help you decide to embark on your self hypnosis journey...

Self-hypnosis is actually autosuggestion, which is a process by which a person is able to train the subconscious mind to believe something.  Keep in mind that self-hypnosis might also involve systematic formulation of the individual’[s mental association to something specific.  By using self-hypnosis methods or a type of brainwashing through repetitive and on-going self-affirmations, the brain accepts the suggestions.  Now, when visualization is used in addition to the repetitive autosuggestions, the process might be hastened.

In laymen terms, self-hypnosis is a process by which you prepare your mind to accept suggestions pertaining to a specific issue through repetitive induction.  Let us say you wanted to get started with self-hypnosis, you would begin by choosing your goal, such as to stop smoking lose weight, gain confidence, and so on.  Although you might have a long list of objectives, the best results will come from focusing on no more than two..


Keep in mind, the key with both guided hypnosis and self-hypnosis is to focus on the positive, not the negative.  In this case, if you were trying to lose weight, you would not put the focus on how much you should hate French Fries, potato chips, fried chicken, and so on because this will actually cause the mind to start thinking about food, doing the very opposite of what you want.  Instead, you want to focus on how many days you have gone without overeating, how many days you have exercised that week, how great you will look, how much healthier you will be, etc.

As with anything, to become good at self-hypnosis, you need to practice.  With this, you can use an induction method of choice or tape, whichever you prefer.  Sometimes, reaching a point of relaxation for hypnosis to work is difficult.  Therefore, if you find that you are uptight or nervous, you want to first work on relaxing so that the self-hypnosis will be successful.  Then, you need to create appropriate suggestions to apply during the hypnosis process.

Just remember, for self-hypnosis to work effectively, you must establish a schedule for practice time.  In addition, we highly recommend you keep records so you know what induction you used, the time you performed the hypnosis, and the results.  With this information, you can hone your skill for even better results.  Although this takes a little time and dedication, it is worth it!

Now, a common problem with self-hypnosis is called Myth of Displaced Cause, which means your mind has been set after your goal as has been achieved that hypnosis had nothing or very little to do with the results.  In other words, the mind will begin to tell you that the hypnosis was just a process, having no power in your weight loss.  With this, your mind will start to tell you that you would have lost the weight without the hypnosis, which we know is not necessarily true.  While you might have lost the weight over time, self-hypnosis will help you lose it quicker and keep the weight off longer.

This common misconception is common but if not identified, can be responsible for setbacks after you have made initial success.  The goal here is to help your mind understand that while all the things you are doing to lose weight help, the power of self-hypnosis is what gave you the edge to finally, conquer that demon.  Through self-hypnosis, you can experience fantasies, images, and thoughts that are real.  However, you will know these things are not real but your imagination will be heightened during this process.  Therefore, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, self-hypnosis is certainly a powerful tool to reach your goal.

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