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What Is An Induction In Self Hypnosis?

Self Hyopnosis Induction

An induction is the introduction of your mind to the hypnotic state. It can be a very formal, with a lot of ceremony and steps, done by a hypnotist on a subject, or it can be very simple, and done by the subject on themselves (self-hypnosis).

Whichever the case is, the eventual goal is to bring the subject to a hypnotic state. Once you’ve taught yourself how to do this, self-hypnosis can be a fun, easy, and useful way to improve your life. The induction helps your mind train itself to transition quickly to the hypnotized state.

First, you need a quiet, relaxing spot. During hypnosis, you can still hear outside sounds, so choosing a place and time that are quiet and comfortable is essential to successfully induce a hypnotic state. You may want to prepare a therapeutic thought which will be your main thought.

Remind yourself of your chosen goal. Repeat your goal to yourself several times, so it cannot be forgotten....


Beginning with your eyes closed, tell yourself to breathe deeply (unless you have purchased a tape, which will give you the instructions to breathe deeply). Breathe deeply. Focus on your breathing.

Choose a calming, therapeutic thought. Fill your mind with it and let it crowd out any other thoughts. These are your “magic words”, a positive thought about your goal. Your major words are your prescription. This is using the power of positive thinking and the power of words in the most effective way.

You may also want to give yourself an instruction about how you will achieve your goal after you come out of hypnosis. (I will _______________).

Wake up. Do this in a calm way, such as telling yourself you will wake up in 3 minutes, or that you will count down from 10.

Hypnotizing yourself can take practice, but it can also be a powerful tool to harness the power of positive thinking.

Unless you fall asleep, you will remember everything that happened. You may not feel like you were hypnotized, and the effects of being hypnotized may take time. If you have a lot of difficulty, you may wish to go to a professional hypnotherapist.

If you go to a professional hypnotherapist, beware of anyone who wishes to focus on past lives or past hurts. Focus on your positive goals and positive mindset.

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